Halloween Hot Takes

Seahawks awaken spooky controversy

Tara Thompson-Glodich, Copy

Happy Halloween! Some Seahawks have some quite controversial opinions this spooky time of year. If you are unfamiliar with Halloween, all you need to know is: “It’s the best holiday,” says senior Beck Oldridge, or maybe: “Halloween is the worst holiday,” says junior Camille Farha.

Junior Mia Rasmussen’s hate is not for Halloween itself, nor is it merely hatred. Her loathing is for the infamous mascot of Halloween: the pumpkin. “They are so grossy, with a Y because they are so gutsy, with a Y, and they are like all over your hands, they smell weird. Pumpkin pie is good, but that’s only because there’s like cinnamon,” she says.

Even though these are meant to be hot takes, the Seabury community can definitely agree on one thing: candy corn. 

I don’t really like candy corn,” says sixth grader Bailey Sparks.

“Candy corn is bad,” Rasmussen says.

“Candy corn is not very good,” says sixth grader Presley Peterson.

“Yeah, candy corn is not good,” says seventh grader Chelsea Walden.

“Candy corn sucks,” says junior Eve Tuckel. 

When asked if candy corn is good, “In moderation,” says Head of School Dr. Schawang. 

“I hate all candy other than gummy candy,” says eighth grader Eva Farmer.

There is this idea that at some age, you are too old for dressing up or trick-or-treating; however, “Everyone needs to go trick-or-treating … free candy,” says eighth grader Hayden Koch.

Older students also agree that “You’re never too old for Trick-or-Treating,” says Freshman Sydney Walter to which senior Gisele French agrees. 

Maybe there is a time crunch: “I think everyone should trick-or-treat … but when you get to thirty, maybe you should stop,” says sixth grader Namiko Okazaki Lopez.

“Any couple’s Halloween costume is bad,” said sophomore Eni Wintoki. 

“Everyone is gonna be a Stranger Things character,” says eighth grader Hayden Koch said. 

“Halloween is an excuse for people to dress up inappropriately,” says Junior Kajana Price. 

When asked what her least favorite part of Halloween is, sophomore Ashley Perez-Gonzalez says, “Oh, probably all the so-called Mexican and Indian and just Indigenous costumes. All are really bad, and even some consider [them] offensive. Very stereotypical, and even some of the costumes for women made to look inappropriate.”

According to several students, there are some severe misconceptions in regard to these classic ghostly movies. No one knows why Hocus Pocus is so beloved if “Everyone knows Hocus Pocus is bad,” says seventh grader Gennie Williams. However, when asked Tuckel says Hocus Pocus is her favorite Halloween movie. Spread the word because “Caroline is actually scary,” Oldridge says. Christmas, as well as Halloween, are both adored holidays, but ​​Clement Clarke Moore’s movie can only be about one.“The Nightmare Before Christmas is not a Christmas movie,” says sophomore Elyse Hammann. Some people wonder what gives a movie the Halloween title: “[the] Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie because it’s literally a horror movie for 7-year-olds and they sing about scaring the heck out of the kids,” says Sophomore Truman Sizemore. 

Everyone loves a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. “Well, any of the remakes. Like [the movie] Halloween,  why bother remaking a really good film? Honestly, all these diddly films [are] being remade. Stop it.” says Schawang. On January 14th, 2022, one of the most upsetting remakes in history was created. “When they remade the Scream movie … why would you do that? Scream is one of my favorite movies ever, and I’m like, why would you do that?” says junior Alexandra Terry. In addition, she claims Poltergeist is the worst Halloween movie and Charlie is the best. 

Hopefully, none of those controversial opinions boiled your blood too much. Make sure to dress up on Monday, October 31st, and remember to not serve candy corn. Have a horrifying Halloween, everyone!