Snackshop Seashack

Price changes cause major controversy

Sage McHenry, Copy Editor

Every new school year brings a fresh batch of Seniors running the famed Seabury Snack Shack. The Shack is highly popular amongst the student body and funds the Senior Form Trip to Florida. Though the Senior-run business is as hopping as ever, there has been some controversy, primarily among middle school students, over a raise in snack prices.

“I think it was better last year when things were just a dollar. I think they would bring in more business if everything was just a dollar,” says seventh grader Vivenne Prô. 

Though this year’s snack prices are a change from last year’s, they are not setting a new precedent. “For years before last year, pop tarts had been two dollars,” says Senior Ashley Brewer. The business simply wasn’t making enough profit, which is the main cause of the change in prices. “I mean we do have to actually make money or else we are just giving out food,” says Brewer.

Although the intention was to increase profit, some students think that the change may have the opposite effect. “Everybody likes Snack Shack, so . . . if you lower the prices of [items] back to one dollar, everyone will then buy more,” says seventh grader Oliver Coles, a frequent patron of the business.

Though she isn’t the biggest fan of the price increase, Prô says she “can kind of see why they would want to [raise the prices] so that they can pay for their Senior trip. . . it’s all going to a good cause.”

Similarly, Brewer can sympathize with middle school students. She says that she “probably would have complained too, but it’s not for no reason.”

All in all, both Seniors and middle school students understand either side of the argument, but the increased Snack Shack prices are here to stay.