Spotlight: Riley O’Neill

Shea Spiess, Copy

Riley O’Neill is a new student starting her freshman year. O’Neill came to Seabury from Southwest Middle School, and according to O’Neill, Southwest “was fine.” 

O’Neill plans to be an active part of the Seabury community; she is hoping to do “volleyball, and soccer and cheer.” Outside of school, O’Neill enjoys “theater if there’s a good show going on and [she has] the time for it.” At her old school, O’Neill did theater as well. “We had a really big theater program.” O’Neill says that she enjoys doing theater because of “the people. It’s just a good community.”

In her free time, O’Neill makes jewelry and she crochets. She makes these crafts for her business entitled “Sage Creations.” Other than running her business and schoolwork, O’Neill likes to travel, saying she wants to “go to Disney World again,” and that she “really [wants] to go to somewhere in Mexico like somewhere near the sea.”

O’Neill enjoys many TV shows, including “‘Gilmore Girls,’ because it is dramatic and there’s always something going on.” She also likes the “Big Bang Theory” as indicated by the names of her cats, “Sheldon . . . Leonard . . . and Howard.” O’Neill has two other pets, a dog named “Ellie” and a turtle named “Todd.”

O’Neill says that she loves the fall season. “[Fall has] the perfect weather and I love the colors.” She also loves fall because of “Halloween and [her] birthday.”

O’Neill also enjoys Christmas: “I love Christmas because I like to get together with my family and it’s always a really fun time,” she says. 

O’Neill has a fond memory of Christmas with her friends, saying, “We had a really fun sleepover one time for Christmas and we made a bunch of cookies and watched movies and stuff.”

After being at the school for a full semester, O’Neill has formed her opinion of the school: “I like it! It’s fun!”