Spotlight: Taylor Endecott

Tara Thompson-Glodich, Copy

Taylor Endecott is a new 7th grader this year here at Seabury. She talks fondly of her experiences of being a Seahawk so far, especially “Secret seahawk, that was fun” and, “I like the communications and little extra fun, like with Mr. Randall’s climate club ice cream thing. I like the little fun extra parts you can have.”  

Outside of school, Endecott says she enjoys “Volleyball, and I just started playing guitar … I really like to draw … mostly people.” She also really likes reading. “Mary Downing Hahn, she writes ghost stories … Just ghost stories or horror stories usually interest me the most.”  Endecott is most passionate about her guitar: “It’s a lead guitar… it was my grandpa’s,” she says. Music is a big part of her life. Her favorite artists are “Probably Ghost and Arctic Monkeys.”

Another thing Endecott really loves are her animals: “We have … twenty-three [pets],” she says. “Five dogs, four cats, seven ferrets, six chickens, and a turtle” live in the Endecott residence. “We have two German Shepherds, Kimber and Emy. We have an English Pointer, Millie. We have a Pointer mix, Dobby. And a Mini Aussie…his name is Zipper, but we’ve always called him Bubba. And then, for our cats, we have two Orange Tabbies, Buster and Fiji. We have a Brown Tabby, which is Finn. And then we have a Black Cat, Sniff. For ferrets, we have … Squeak, Pip, Joey, Sammy, Lucky, Bandit [and] Charlie … There’s [a] Brown Sables which is what Squeak is. There’s a White Panda. Sammy’s a White Panda. Joey is just a normal Panda. Then we have two Dark Sables, which is Bandit and Charlie. And then we have Cinnamons which [is] what Pip and Lucky are,” she says.

We hope to see her continue to grow in the Seabury community.