Review: Taylor’s Donuts

4/5 Anchors

Campbell Helling, Copy

Occupying the old laundromat on Louisiana Street, Taylor’s Donuts held a soft opening in September 2022. Because the owners of 1900 Barker opened the donut shop, I had high hopes for their treats. Offering unique flavors and quality pastries, Taylor’s Donuts did not disappoint.

The shop itself was easy to access, with direct (but limited) parking. Once indoors, I enjoyed the soothing atmosphere, with pastel-themed decor and a distinct warm pastry-smell. The display of donuts stretched before my eyes; a wonderful sight. Pleasing to the eyes and the nostrils, my excitement grew as I went to order. 

Because I went later in the day, they didn’t have as many options. But, I was satisfied with my Bavarian Creme Filled and Blueberry-Rosemary Jam-filled donuts. I thoroughly enjoyed the Bavarian Donut––the chocolate glaze and the creme filling were delectable. And the dough itself was very good, but a little too sweet. I also liked the Blueberry-Rosemary pastry; the sprinkled sugar on top melted in the mouth, and the jam itself was quite good (although, a little too tart). 

The only downsides were the parking and the price. On a busy day, I’d imagine parking would be an issue as there are very limited spots. Also, the donuts were quite pricey; I could have gotten a dozen donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts for the two I got at Taylor’s. But, considering the quality of the donuts and the apparent effort put into them, it was understandable. 

Overall, Taylor’s Donuts offers delicious donuts in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, appealing to pretty much all the senses. I thoroughly enjoyed the tasty treats I got, and if you have a craving for a good donut, you should definitely pop in there sometime. It’s very worth it.