Review: Tous les Jours

4/5 Anchors

Josie Kim, Copy

For those who claim to have an endless capacity for all things sweet, prepare to meet your maker. With its opening, Tous les Jours, a French-inspired South Korean bakery franchise, has opened a world of tasty possibilities.

Translating to “everyday,” Tous les Jours ensures a massive selection of pastries, breads, cakes, and confections baked fresh each day. However, with one hundred fifty menu options, a question must be posed: is there compromise in quality due to extreme quantity? Also, does Lawrence really need another bakery?

The items I tasted can only be described as indulgently addictive. The strawberry pastry is flakey and topped with cream and strawberry slices. A fluffy taro bread stuffed with equally as airy buttercream has a vibrant purple color and distinctive nutty taste. The red bean and cream bun has cream and earthy adzuki bean paste encased in a thin exterior. Red bean paste also fills a sugar-rolled donut, which is a personal favorite. The kimchi croquette has a crispy exterior stuffed with sour, spicy fermented radish. The green tea cake has a subtle matcha flavor. The drip was watery, but it does the job.

Though the products are the stars, there are other factors to consider. The interior is spacious and the overall presentation is pleasing. The fresh cakes are convenient for last minute purchases. However, it operates on a first-come, first-served basis with freshly baked items added sporadically and inconsistently, which is unreliable. There is no concrete menu except for cake, meaning there is no certainty in securing a preferred item. 

All things considered, the French-Korean inspired bakery brings foreign flavors and items to Lawrence that it was desperately lacking. If seeking a basic order of coffee, do not break your back to go. If indulging in a treat is your goal, Tous les Jours is the place to be.