Review: Wheatfields

4/5 Anchors

Andrew Lang, Copy

On 904 Vermont Street, many baked goods enthusiasts gather year-round to enjoy the greatest bakery in the state of Kansas: Wheatfields. With a delightful environment and baked goods smell, Wheatfields constantly has customers bustling every day of the year. 

Wheatfields has some of the most exceptional baked bread in the entire state of Kansas. Just after walking through the door, the scent of fresh bread hits you in the face like a freight train. Never has anyone had a more delightful surprise to the nostrils than the entrance to Wheatfields. The bread, which is sold at several restaurants and stores around town, is amazingly good––almost unrealistically good. 

Not only is the bread amazing, but the meals at Wheatfields are insanely delicious. The Turkey, Swiss and Apple sandwich is a staple, an amazing combination on some of the best baked bread ever. The Turkey Rachel, the Reuben and every single sandwich on the menu are highlights as well. From sweet potato soup to the pot pies, Wheatfields has every amazing meal you could ever imagine from a bakery.

Besides the food aspect, Wheatfields is a very welcoming environment; the perfect mix between a warm bakery and a comfortable cafe. I often find myself sitting in a booth at Wheatfields when I cannot focus at home, and I enjoy every moment I have spent in this gift from God restaurant. Wheatfields is one of the restaurants that is genuinely difficult to like and I will never find a way to hate this amazing restaurant. 

Since the beginning of time, Lawrence’s citizens have been indulging in the many great Wheatfields meals, and this pattern will continue until the end. Everything in life is temporary, but Wheatfields is always going to be here to stay. It’s great, so stop by some time.