MS Editorial: “Nepo Babies”

Alice Pulsinelli

The term “nepo baby” is usually applied to children of Hollywood actors who gain benefits in becoming celebrities from their parentage that many consider to be unfair. 

But in reality, this concept applies a lot closer to home. Everybody’s parentage affects their opportunities in life. For example, my mom is a doctor, so it would be easier for me to get experience in the healthcare field than it might be for someone who doesn’t have a connection to anyone in the medical profession. Many people can gain similar benefits in certain fields because of their parents. Are these advantages something people should be ashamed of using?

Well, I am confident it can be agreed upon that we cannot help who our parents are. It is not right to blame people for taking advantage of benefits they obtain from their parents. It may not be fair that it is easier for some people to succeed at certain professions than others, but it is not any one person’s fault––it’s just the way our society works. It is natural for parents to want to help their children, and helping them succeed is okay. However, this does not make it okay for parents to go to extremes or break any rules, such as using bribery, in order to help their children.

That said, it is important for people to be aware when they are using the benefits of being a nepo baby in any pursuit. People should be honest both with themselves and others if they are helped in their achievements because of who their parents are. It is important for us to recognize that others may not be as fortunate, and to try to help these people if at all possible. For both parents and their children, it is important to look outside of one’s family as well as within it to fully appreciate people’s skills and help them get chances to use these skills. 

Using the effects of being a nepo baby to one’s advantage is not inherently wrong or shameful. But, realizing and appreciating good fortune helps us to be aware that others may not share it and strive to help them be successful too.