Spotlight: Mr. Young

Xavier Carrasco Cooper, Copy

Coming from Arkansas City, Kansas five years ago, faculty member Ron Young has charmed his various math classes with his great sense of humor and fantastic teaching skills.

His favorite memory at Seabury was his first Headmaster’s Holiday because he got to see his students be kids again. “They were excited to be there, they enjoyed it, and it was a school activity that they let themselves go.”

Young says he “always had a very high level of math capabilities, and his brother got him interested in teaching math. He was also influenced by his previous experience “tutoring 5th and 6th graders” when he was in “8th or 9th grade.” Young listed being a coach as another big factor in his desire to be a teacher: “In order to be a coach you had to be a teacher as well.”

After teaching at public schools for 35 years, Young moved to Lawrence to be closer to his granddaughters because, “we’re not holiday grandparents, we are all the time.” Young tries to spend as much time with them as he can.

Along with visiting his grandchildren, Young spends his free time golfing whenever he can, playing “mental games” to keep himself  “mentally sharp” and “singing with [his church’s] praise band whenever possible.” 

Young’s first experience with Seabury was when he officiated the state basketball tournament “; not knowing that two years later I would be applying to work here.”

When asked if the rumors are true that he is retiring, he said, “Yes, I am retiring. After five years at Seabury, and many more in public schools, Young is taking a heavily deserved peace from his decades of public service.

His absence next year will be felt throughout the school, but he left his successor these words: “Be on your toes, be ready for any type of student to come to you, and be ready to work with that student to give them the best opportunity that you can give them.”