Review: Harry’s House

3.5/5 Anchors

Shea Spiess, Copy

The greatest award any musical artist could strive to receive is a Grammy Award, and one of the most highly anticipated categories for the Grammy Awards is the Album of the Year. The album that won beat many influential and popular artists such as Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay and Beyoncé. The winner was none other than Harry Styles’ album, “Harry’s House.” But was this win deserved?

I personally had never listened to Harry Styles more than what was on the radio, but I always liked his music a decent amount, and this album continued to follow this trend for me. I had previously heard some of the songs such as “As it Was” and “Late Night Talking,” which I had already liked enough. The album’s songs tended to be very repetitive and hearing the same words repeated over and over again really took away from the beautiful melodies and instrumental lines underneath. Songs that fit under this category of being overly repetitious would be “Daylight,” “Cinema” and “Daydreaming.” Other than that, I didn’t have too many overall issues with the album. There were some songs that I preferred over others, but that was just personal preference rather than the quality of the song. One song in particular that I was very pleasantly surprised with was “Matilda.” As the longest song on the album, I was scared that it would bore me halfway through, but the song was very calming and pleasing to listen to. Another song I particularly enjoyed was “Satellite.” My least favorite songs on the album were “Grape juice” and “Cinema.” I have no reasons to dislike these songs, they just weren’t my cup of tea. Overall, I enjoyed listening to this album. The highs were high and the lows weren’t too bad. I definitely understand the appeal of this album and in no way am I upset at it winning the award it did.