Seahawk Sports: Past and Future

Seahawks reminisce on old sports and question new ones

Andrew Lang, Copy

Despite Seabury’s academic reputation, athletics at Seabury have remained an ever-relevant part of school life. With this in mind, some students wonder about what sports Seabury used to offer and may plan to offer in the future.

As many know, Seabury once had an acclaimed American football team, which became extinct after the 2012 season. The “Ironhawks,” led by former athletic director and current faculty member Eric Nelson, set a precedent for team sports at Seabury.

The Ironhawks invigorated fans and athletes: “It was really exciting, and I loved it, but it was stressful, and it took some years off my life,” Nelson says.

Sadly, people at Seabury believe that football would never be possible again. “It’s very difficult to field soccer and football at the same time … We would have plenty of players willing to play, but it would be hard to achieve,” says athletic director Brian Rios.

“I’d love to play football, but I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible,” says freshman Max Fagan, who played middle school football for Veritas last year.

Besides team sports like football, many individual sports have gained traction at Seabury.
“We helped many students competitively swim for Seabury, and I’d still be completely willing to let a kid play an individual sport like wrestling or swimming if they were committed enough, it’s all about if they want to play,” Nelson says.

Sports have come and gone at Seabury, and even though some sports have gone away, there are many possibilities for them to return. In any case, students should go out of their way to display their skills and follow their passions.