Seahawks’ Nests

Seaburians discuss what makes a good bedroom

Margaret Mulhern, Copy

With the busyness and chaos of starting off a new year in full swing, Seabury students have a lot of stress. One cure that students have found for the third quarter flu is a productive and relaxing bedroom setup. If you don’t think you have such a set up in place,then those who do may have some advice to help you out.

“I think that kids should have [a] chill space for when they’re doing their homework and especially just to chill. I mean, I don’t have a TV or anything in my room, but it’s nice just to sit there and chill,” Freshman Aiden Najafizadeh says. For Najafizadeh, he explains that his special “chill” space is his “big window. I like my window.” He also believes that your bedroom speaks to your personality. “I think it represents my creativity,” he explains.

Sixth grader Lydia Brewer agrees with Najafizadeh.“[You need] your own space that you can have if you need quiet alone time.” Brewer emphasizes the importance of your own space at home, and says it is especially crucial to her. “We have a lot of people in our house, so [it is important] that you can have your own space where it’s not crowded and sometimes stressful and loud,” she says.

Junior Mia Rasmussen says that going into her bedroom can literally feel like a breath of fresh air, and so she recommends lots of plants. “I have a lot of plants, so it’s like a jungle. I feel like the air feels cleaner. I go in there and I am like ‘I can breathe.’ I have a really big monstera and I have a lot of other little plants. I can attest, you breathe better,” she says.

Senior Elizabeth Allen recommends that pleasing your eyes and nose are also components to consider. She suggests having “candles, or some sort of Febreeze or incense so that your room has its own smell… Some paintings that you like, or posters or a calendar even, just something.”

Change can be hard, but Najafizadeh stresses the importance of remodeling. “My room has definitely grown with my new hobbies and collections … It’s nice to have an adjustment every other year or so. I move around some stuff, change the positions of my shelves, so I like it. It gives a nice change,” he says.

When it comes to the flooring, Allen is passionate about wood floors over carpet. “I’m tired of carpet … I would much rather have a rug instead of uncomfortable carpet that doesn’t go with the room at all. And wood floors: [they are] easier for chairs to roll in. So if I had a rolly chair, it would be better. It goes better, it’s more water-resistant than carpet, so if I spill things, it wouldn’t stain it.”

Rasmussen also has carpet in her bedroom, but longs for wood floors. “I would rather have wood flooring so I could get a cool rug.” Even though she would change her floors, she definitely wants to keep her shelves. “I like displaying my trinkets, because you can look on your shelf and be like ‘Oh, I remember that!’ because they all have different separate memories.”

When it comes to school productivity, people say that a desk and natural light is key. “We used to have LED lights, [but] we had to take them down to get our walls painted … I like the lights on with the window open with the natural light … I think it’s prettier, and I like it better,” says Brewer. “Sometimes I do [homework] at my desk, but other times I do it in the room. I go through stages;
sometimes I always do it out at my desk or sometimes I always do it in my room. They both work equally.”

Even though Najafizadeh has a similar view on lighting, he has a different opinion when it comes to the most effective place to accomplish schoolwork. “When I’m doing my homework I turn off my light and open my window, and then when it starts getting dark, I close the window and turn on the lights, but I definitely think natural light is a better source,” he explains. “I usually use my bed for doing homework, but the desk keeps me awake so I don’t fall asleep, so I think it is important. I think [at] a desk you are more awake and aware, and you get more things done but when it’s one of those days, and you just want to chill and you’re tired, usually the bed is a good choice.”

All in all, Seabury students agree that the elements of a successful bedroom include natural lighting, wood floors, a desk, and something that speaks to you to decorate your walls.