MS Editorial: School Spirit (Online Only)

Zoe Huebner

As I’m a sixth grader I can’t compare this school year to any other, and I can’t say for sure if we are lacking in school spirit compared to other years. However, I think that Seabury has a lot of school spirit.

As far as sports go, I’d say that a lot of students and faculty members at Seabury like to watch the sports teams. One way to have more school spirit at Seabury would be to announce the sports games more than once or twice and to really get people pumped up to go to the games.

I feel like a lot of our community at Seabury feels like we are lacking in school spirit. I’m not sure I agree with this, as many people come to cheer and participate at the different events that we have here at Seabury.

I think the cheerleaders we have at Seabury show a lot of school spirit, as they really get people pumped up at the games. Since they show a lot of spirit, I think it helps other people show school spirit at the games.

Another way to improve school spirit is to put up a schedule for sports games, competing clubs, and anything else that people in the Seabury community might want to come to and cheer on their friends. A schedule reserved just for sport games and club activities. Kind of like a Friday Letter, but printed out and hung around the school. That way, people don’t have to go on their computers every time they want to check what time the sport games are or things like that.

I really like the spirit week we had at the beginning of the school year, and I think more things like that would be fun. I really liked the rainbow day, because I think it connected the different grades more then usual, having that they were all different colors. We should do more things like that.