Aquarius: top 104 silliest word in 2023 that sound really silly to say.

Pisces: Hooray Everyone Loves journalisM, Especially Today!

Aries: Keep the change you flippin animal.

Taurus: The silver surfer x the martian x the green lantern fighting (and having LOTS of KISSING each other)

Gemini: The lobsters sulk and swim in the brackish. They are observing, planning their racket.

Leo: For all of the crustaceans, barnacled and grimy, vow to run the world, crusty and slimy.

Cancer: Please throw ur car batteries into lake clinton 🙂 do your civic duty!

Virgo: Gogwarts Batman: The lovers’ quarrel Pt. II: kissers in the night.

Libra: New Jean-Micheal Pulsinelli art: “Michael Michael Motorcycle”

Scorpio: invest in microplastics. The PLASJAQ

Sagittarius: it’s illegal to take railroad metal to the scrapyard. I’m going to prison. Because I take railroad meat to the scrapyard.

Capricorn: Happy 43th Birthday today!! You’re getting so awesome lately!.