Fantastic Forensics

Evan McHenry

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For some, speaking in front of others is a terrifying experience that must be avoided at all costs. However, that is not the case for the Seabury Forensics team. Not only are they an intrepid, talented and driven group, but they have also had a very triumphant season.

“As a team, we’ve had one of the most successful seasons in all the time I’ve been in forensics. We have way too many people qualified for state that we can actually take, which is a really good problem to have,” says senior Chloe Akers. “The team has grown so much and it’s really impressive how many people we have qualified.” Akers has enjoyed success in multiple events, including Oration and Improvised Duet Acting (IDA).

Akers’ IDA partner, senior Cavan McCabe, says, “I like doing IDA with Chloe because half the time is just spent laughing at inside jokes or dumb stuff that we do.” Despite the often jovial atmosphere referenced between the two, they still get down to business, with Akers saying, “I genuinely can’t think of the last time we didn’t get first or second in IDA.”

Although they have had a successful season so far, they are not done yet. The state tournament is still to come, and with it, expectations as well. “There’s definitely that a lot of pressure on us to do well at state, and obviously since we don’t have another year, this is our last chance to prove ourselves and really do well, not only for ourselves but for the team,” Akers says.

For some on the team, this season has provided an opportunity to try something new. “I’ve been trying Informative, which is something I haven’t ever done before,” says junior Nick Porter. “It was a very nice learning experience.” While he likes expanding his horizons by trying new events, Porter prefers IDA. “I like creating something on my own,” says Porter. “I can just do it off the top of my head, and can make people laugh and smile. That’s kind of my goal when I go into my IDA, to get a reaction, while also putting in the work and making sure it’s all cohesive and good. IDA is basically like my home.”

Naturally, Porter has encountered obstacles along the way: “I’d say one of the most challenging aspects is just making sure you get [your piece] down, and if it’s something you have to memorize, making sure you get that down, because that’s definitely something that’s trumped me along the way.”

However, Porter says, “As long as I get in my headspace, my nerves take the sidelines.” Porter has also enjoyed recent success, placing first in IDA in his most recent tournament along with his cousin, junior Alex Porter.

This year, the forensics team had 23 people qualify for state and can only take 16. While this means that some qualified forensicators will not be able to attend state, it speaks to the success of the team as a whole. “There’s a general camaraderie among each other, but there’s also a general rivalry, and not just with others schools,” says Nick. “You’re competing to get yourself to state, and while getting everyone to state is important, it’s like you’re working on yourself while also working against your friends and other schools.” This competitive aspect has pushed each member of the team to do their best and challenge themselves, and their success shows it.