Twisted Fresh

Morgan Orozco

You are a Neanderthal in 100,000 BC. While scavenging for food, you come upon a dark, cavernous hole in the side of a cliff, in which the promise of sustenance lies.

This scenario is akin to entering the poorly-lit room in which a new Lawrence restaurant resides: Twisted Fresh. This chain advertises themselves as “casual food” that is “fresh, healthy, and full of flavor.” I found this to be fairly accurate, as their food tasted very fresh and lacked the grease and oils commonly present in most fast food meals, while still maintaining the appearance and experience of being a patron of a fast food restaurant. However, one thing I found odd was the fact that their fish tacos were cold. It is my belief that tacos must have both hot and cold ingredients present to be a taco, so this was an odd experience. Despite this, their chicken sandwich was fabulous and did not taste like cardiac arrest on a bun, like it might at many other fast food places. Although this is a chain, I found the customer service to be exceptional. The people behind the counter were more kind than one would expect at a chain fast food restaurant and prepared the food efficiently, but not hastily. Although there is only one location in Lawrence, my prediction is that due to their popularity, one or more will open on other sides of town. My only other qualm is that it was rather pricey for a regular fast food restaurant. In total, for two meals, the bill was over twenty dollars, which seemed excessive for self-proclaimed “casual food.”

I recommend this restaurant as it provides a phenomenon that appeals to both sides of the spectrum of American culture regarding food; it’s fast food, but it’s relatively good for you. However, they have high prices, weird tacos and bad lighting. Thus, I award this three anchors.