Horoscopes Issue 6 (1/27/20)

Aquarius: -Diego Klish, 2020


Pisces: “I do not shower EVER”- Diego Klish, 2020


Aries: “Sometimes before I sleep, I think about baseball players because I like the sounds they make”- Diego Klish, 2020


Taurus: “Pock!!”- Diego Klish 2020


Garlic: “I always wonder where all of the teefbrushes go that nobody uses”-Diego Klish, 2020   


Cancer: “At lunch I always try to eat all of the peanut butter sandwiches”- Diego Klish 2020


Leo: “Okay, but if you really think about it, does Kevin Durant even have ears?”- Diego Klish 2020


Virgo: *Earless Kevin Durant*


Libra: “Why do I look like Marshawn Lynch today?”- Diego Klish, 2020 


Scorpio: “Imagine one person that is actually 17,000,000 gorillas”- Diego Klish, 2014


Sagittarius: “I hate the dentist, you know why? Silvio De Sousa scary chair”- Diego Klish, 2020


Capricorn: “Today I will try my best not to summon stinky, scary gorilla”- Diego Klish, 2020