Spotlight: Katie Mastrosimone


Photo by Cadence Cheng

Marie Brockhoff, Copy

Of the many masks in the hallways this year, one stands out: emblazoned across it is the word “VOTE.” That mask, which she wore leading up to the election, belongs to seventh grader Katie Mastrosimone. “I’m trying to help in any way I can, because I can’t vote yet,” she says as to why she selected her mask. In addition to voting, she is passionate about activities ranging from theatre to coding. 

Mastrosimone attended Raintree Montessori School before transferring to Seabury this year. “Transitioning between classes is probably the biggest difference,” she says, comparing the two. 

Mastrosimone wasted no time joining activities at Seabury. She performed in the Lower School play this fall, presumably the first of many showcases of Mastrosimone’s talents. “[The play’s] been pretty good; it’s been a bit of a learning curve with COVID,” she says. She played several roles, as well as singing and playing her guitar. Mastrosimone is no stranger to theatre, having performed in nearly a dozen productions. She loves “Being someone else and telling a story.” 

Mastrosimone also joined the Middle School Youth Coding League this fall. “I like Scratch, and I’ve done [coding] a few times in the past,” she says of why she chose to participate. “It’s a fun activity, and it’s helpful later in life.” 

To pass the endless quarantine hours, Mastrosimone has many hobbies. “I got a rock tumbler, and I just started tumbling rocks and making necklaces,” she says of one calming pastime. “Sometimes I’ll look up actors in shows I watch and see what other things they’ve been in,” she says of another. Mastrosimone may be somewhat quiet, but she is marvelously talented, and she is an overall wonderful addition to the Seabury community.