Spotlight: Aidan Page


Photo by Cadence Cheng

Andrew Lang, Copy

Although many students dread the transfer to high school from middle school, the change has not been the same for freshman Aidan Page. Starting at Seabury this year, Page was worried about teachers and students that awaited him, which both ended up pleasantly surprising him. 

To answer “do you think Seabury has been a good fit for you?” Page states, “Yes.” So far this year, Page has made his presence known through the ninth grade ranks, and stands out as a friendly and respectful student.

Page is playing in boys basketball this year, and has shown passion for it all through the year. When asked about hobbies, Page laughs, “My only real hobby is basketball.” 

Besides basketball, Page has shown interest in Seabury’s Diversity Club. Though unrelated to any hobbies, Page states that his dream job would be, “Traffic coordinator on the moon. That would be epic,” he says with enthusiasm.

Page has also shown a monomaniacal favor for Chipotle. “I love Chipotle, and I’m willing to go to some extreme lengths,” he says, in a serious tone.

Page has also shown interest in pets, of which he currently has none of. “I want a dog, but my mom does NOT like dogs and she gets mad when I bring it up,” Page says with dismay.  

Although being overly obsessed with Chipotle, Page has demonstrated kindness and respect to both students and teachers alike, and will no doubt continue to be a valuable member of the Seabury community.