Spotlight: Hannah Billen


Matthew Petillo, Copy

Coming to a new school is always hard, especially during a pandemic, but Hannah Billen has met it head-on, equipped with her bubbly personality. 

Billen’s favorite part about Seabury so far has been the community: “At my old school, teachers didn’t come up to you and care so much, and at Seabury, it just seems like teachers don’t just care about your education, they also care about how life’s going and not just about your education.” As for her favorite class, she says, “I like doing math. For some reason, math is just a lot more fun and more interesting to me. But, I also love English, because for me, English doesn’t seem like a lot of working, [but] it seems more of putting it in motion and what you actually think.”

Of course, schoolwork is not the only thing Billen enjoys. She also draws: “I never really joined any art classes, but just like free-styling,” says Billen. “I don’t only like to do pastels and stuff; I also like to do pencil, painting, really any type of art.” 

But Billen’s interests are not merely artistic: she also plays volleyball for Seabury. “I loved volleyball,” she says. “It was really fun, and a great learning activity for me, because it was my first time doing volleyball.”

As for a fun fact about Billen? “I’m half-Japanese,” she says. “I go to Japan once a year, maybe two times a year.”