Spotlight: William-Aiden Carrasco-Cooper


Andrew Lang, Copy

Of the many new freshman faces to walk through the Seabury halls this year, William-Aiden Carrasco-Cooper has come to be known as both a good student and friend among his teachers and fellow ninth graders. Sporting lurid socks and khaki shorts no matter the weather, Carrasco-Cooper was initially “nervous, or slightly scared of being an outsider” in the new high school environment, a fear which has slowly diminished over the course of the year. 

Competing with the Seabury powerlifting team and playing in hockey leagues outside of school, Carrasco-Cooper shows an importance to both athleticism and sportsmanship, and he treats his teammates with kindness. “I really enjoy sports for the thrill of improving and trying to be the best I can be, while also supporting my team at the same time,” Carrasco-Cooper says. 

Outside of school and sports careers, Carrasco-Cooper leads a simplistic life, both resting for sports and caring for his family and pets. “My days after school really consist of me taking care of my dogs and just chilling,” Carrasco-Cooper says with a laugh. “My four dogs, mostly my boy Lucio, are the most important things to me, at least for where I am now.” 

With the anxiety of joining a new school behind him, Carrasco-Cooper has and will continue to spark laughter and joy in the Seabury community for years to come.