Spotlight: Jace Asher


Edie Patterson, Copy

Many students know Gillian and Jace Asher from Mrs. Asher’s sixth grade Seminar classes, which involve ticketed Disney movie showings or one of Mrs. Asher’s pets. While the Asher twins are fairly familiar with the school, not everyone has gotten a chance to know them during their first year at Seabury. 

When he first came to school as a student this year, Jace Asher was impressed by how much Seabury has changed since he started visiting the school, saying that these changes have ranged “from different teachers and students to rules like staying six feet away from people.” With familiar faces covered by masks, starting a new school in a pandemic is doubtlessly a challenge. Despite the general difficulties and changes, Asher still says Seabury is his “second home.”

Asher’s memories at Seabury enforce the sense of home that the school gives him. “[Gillian and I] would run around the school in our socks,” Asher says, recalling his first memories at Seabury. “I would go to basketball games. I tried cheerleading practice and that is when I met some people that are graduated now.”

In earlier years, Asher was rarely seen without his twin sister and sometimes even a pet dog or guinea pig, but starting Seabury has allowed Asher to share his own individual personality with the school. Describing his differences from his sister, Asher says, “She has different interests than me, like she really likes anime and [she likes] reading more than I do.” Asher has a “different friend group” and is on the middle school basketball team.

As for having his mom as his teacher during his first year at Seabury, Asher says, “It was strange to have my mom in the classroom, but I have gotten used to it.”