Spotlight: Jessica Kim


Campbell Helling, Copy

You may have noticed a new face walking through the halls after Winter Break. Eighth-grader Jessica Kim arrived at Seabury in January from Korea. She may have a shy and quiet visage, but when having a conversation with her, a kind and thoughtful personality reveals itself. Jessica has been in America for a few months, and she describes how her adjustment is going with a laugh: “I need to learn English more.” 

Among her interests, Jessica’s loves listening to music. “I like some K-pop artists; I like to listen to this musician named IU, and she’s a really good singer, and now I’m just trying to listen to American pop music.” Along with music, she enjoys reading books about science and math and plans to center her future career around these subjects. “For my future job, I want to be a pharmacist, so I love chemistry and biology most,” she says. During her time here, though, she has become more drawn to English. “I am gaining some interest in English, too,” she says. “I haven’t read English books a lot, so I am now trying to read [them].”

Jessica enjoys other activities outside of academics. “I like playing with friends,” she say. “Sometimes, I just watch YouTube videos for fun.” This spring, she decided to try playing tennis, and says she will try to add activities later on: “Now, I am doing tennis in Seabury spring sports, and I am trying to do something else.”