Wise Words With Whipple

Mr. Whipple: “This summer, I went to Alaska with my brother and my dad, and it was an amazing experience to see some of the nature that’s there. We did a glacier hike, and I was able to take a helicopter to the glacier. It was the coolest experience, flying a helicopter; it’s super freaky, but it’s fun, getting some of the freshest water in the world from the glacier, and learning more about glacier melt and all that stuff. The CRAZIEST thing that happened there was I went bear-watching, and I was like five feet away from a bear that was fishing for its food. It was crazy, but it was awesome too.” 


What does Mr. Whipple do?:

A: Viciously attack the bear

B: Seduce the bear

C: Sign the bear as Tottenham’s starting centerback

D: Introduce the bear to model in stock photography