Oliver Hunt


Katie Eckert

Sammy the Seahawk may seem a bit mysterious behind that mask, but if you were hoping to learn more about him, you’re in luck. Sixth grader Oliver Hunt, who wears the Sammy the Seahawk costume, is a really nice guy who’s happy to help you out, whether it is by bringing energy to games or helping on stage behind the scenes.

Besides being the school’s mascot, Hunt is a pretty busy guy. He particularly likes sports, and has played soccer in the past. If he was not already engaged with stage tech and mascotry, Hunt would be out on the court or field. “I’d probably do a lot more sports. I’d probably play, like, basketball or soccer,” he says.

Hunt likes things other than sports, too. “I like a lot of comic books,” says Hunt. His favorite is “Teen Titans.” However, most of all he just likes helping people out where he can. “I just like helping out with stuff, like helping build stuff, helping other people with their work,” he says.

Of course, one of the biggest ways he likes to help out in the community is by bringing energy and support through the role of Sammy the Seahawk. “It was something I wanted as soon as I found out it was a job,” says Hunt. “I just went to the practices and asked if I could be Sammy the Seahawk, and luckily they said I could.” One reason why he particularly enjoys his role as Sammy the Seahawk is seeing all of the fans and the members from the community come together to support the teams.

It may be hard to approach the giant intimidating head of a fierce seahawk, but Hunt is no one to be afraid of. Do not be afraid to say hello, and you might make a good friend with a strong passion for helping people out. What could be a better example of the Seabury community than that?