Pablo Pena Ruano


Andrew Lang, Copy

Making his way down the halls with a lady-killing stride worthy of the gods and a mighty posture striking fear into his enemies, Pablo Pena Ruano has made his powerful presence known amongst the student body. 

Before his start at Seabury, Pena Ruano came from Madrid, Spain, and, accordingly, he has adjusted to Seabury life without hesitation. “The biggest difference between here and back home is that in school in Spain, one must study a lot more, while here just attending class has been sufficient,” Pena Ruano says calmly.

Pena Ruano has not only shown his ability in scholarly activities; he has also shown prowess on the soccer field. “I started playing soccer when I was seven, and my favorite team is Atlético Madrid,” he says proudly. “I play soccer here, but back home, I play soccer, and I also play a sport that isn’t very common here; it’s called padel. It’s similar to tennis, and it’s very fun,” says Pena Ruano. 

Although the change from Spain to the US is drastic, Pena Ruano has shown comfort with Seabury. “I enjoy this life. I like it because it’s different, and it’s a new experience and way to learn about other places and culture,” Pena Ruano says contentedly. “Back in Spain, we play soccer, and… we play soccer, and we have lots of fun,” says Pena Ruano, who is clearly a soccer fan.

Despite his slight shyness, Pena Ruano is a wonderful addition to the junior class, and he will continue to show his value to the school as the year progresses.