Joseé Sourgens


Marie Brockhoff, Copy Co-Editor

Recently, you may have spotted a new face on the volleyball court, in Student Senate, or simply strolling the hallways. That student, rocking vibrant blue and purple hair, is sixth grader Joseé Sourgens, who also goes by Josephine, JoJo, Jo and Joey. 

“Everywhere I’ve moved around, I’ve liked the nickname [I got]. Different people here know me from different places,” says Sourgens of her many aliases. Before Seabury, Sourgens attended Raintree and Century. “Transitioning from any school is crazy, . . . but [Seabury has] a great community,” she says. “I wanted to try volleyball, and instead of having to go insane about trying out, since I’d never played before, I just got to sign up, which I was happy about.” 

Additionally, Sourgens got elected to Student Senate and hopes to participate in theater at Seabury. Over the summer, she volunteered for the Penguin Project at Theatre Lawrence, which pairs peer mentors with disabled youth. “People with special needs get to sing solos and say the lines,” she says. “For the mentors . . . it was like being an ensemble member, and I got to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” 

At home, Sourgens spends time with her dogs Coco and Link. “One of my favorite things to do is sit with [the dogs] and sing and do homework, because then I sort of have friends who can help me out,” she says. Sourgens also likes sketching and filming her pets. “We [made] a superhero movie, . . . and the best part was we got to create theme songs for the dogs.” 

Sourgens has talents as numerous as her nicknames, ranging from volleyball to theatrical community service to canine videography. Regardless of the topic, she has countless fun stories to tell, and she makes a wonderful addition to the Seabury community.