Sam Jackson


Lear Eicher, Copy

“I’m the best person in the universe,” says junior Sam Jackson. Even aside from his stunning red hair, Jackson has a myriad of noteworthy features (the word “myriad” being his favorite word).

For one, Jackson is a long-time boy scout alongside his older brother. “Recently, I got my Eagle Scout,” says Jackson. “I did my project [around] the outside pond area of the school . . . we had to plant trees, which apparently are super heavy, and I had to water the plants and take care of them.” That’s right; the newly renovated pond behind Seabury is largely thanks to him.

Jackson makes time for some fun in his schedule, too. “I’ve always played a lot of Nintendo games . . like Pokémon and Fire Emblem. I [also] play a lot of games on Steam,” says Jackson, “[and] I used to play Minecraft.” In regards to his current favorite, Jackson says, “the world’s not ready for Fate/Grand Order. That’s for when I become president.”

In addition to all this, Jackson finds time to be a flourishing academic. “I really like English class because I like having discussions . . . and delving really deep into the themes. I also really like Latin class. Ms. Meyers is an amazing teacher,” says Jackson. “The poetry [especially] . . . has been really entertaining, like Aeneas and Dido giving speeches to each other about their breakup.”

Seabury, get to know Sam Jackson–he just may be the best person in the universe, even beyond his own estimation.