Gorbind Gorbind

Jonah Kim, Copy Co-Editor

As some Seabury students may remember, years ago senior Gobind Singh’s long lost twin brother, Gorbind Gorbind, was found alive in Kazakhstan. After winning the Kazakhstan national gymnastics competition every year since his birth, Gorbind has agreed to answer questions from the Chronicle after four years of silence.

“I train for one reason: to destroy my brother,” he says hatefully. “Gobind took everything from me. EVERYTHING!”

Singh has gone on record saying he attempted to lock his long lost brother in the Seabury basement. Singh also has said that he is planning to create a serum that will turn the whole school into tall, muscular and glistening senior, Minkyu Jung. 

“Since I am trapped in Kazakhstan there is no way for me to directly harm my brother, but I have a plan,” Gorbind says. “I am working with Mr. Neuteboom to create a killing machine Mecha-Gobind with no weaknesses and a Min-like Physique.”

Neuteboom denies involvement with the evil plan, but multiple seabury students have reported robot-like noises coming from his room. 

“I despise gymnastics,” Neuteboom says. “The way they do flips and stuff is scary lowkey.”

Until told otherwise, watch the hallways for a robot Gobind with a bald head.