Spotlight: Michael Liu

Josie Kim, Copy

Sixth grade holds a lot of uncertainty; whether it’s what one wants to be when they grow up, how to get involved in the community or simply what to eat for lunch, it can certainly be overwhelming. Luckily, sixth grader Michael Liu has no problem navigating the future with his out-of-this-world ideas. 

Liu finds inspiration in all of his passions both inside and outside of school. He participates in “cross country and maybe basketball” at Seabury as well as club “swimming and baseball.” Playing catcher is his preference, but his favorite Seabury memory is his “first cross country meet.” His athletic idols include the Kansas City Royals’ catcher, Salvador Perez, and 28-time Olympic medalist, swimmer Michael Phelps. In addition to athletics, Liu motivates himself academically. He says his favorite school subject is “Probably math because [he’s] good at it.” He also looks up to YouTuber and former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, with hopes to become, “A NASA scientist” and to “Go in space [to] do some experiments on Mars.” 

With his innate charisma and humor, Liu is already becoming a charming staple in the Seabury community. Senior Enzo Karam, who bestowed him the nickname, “Big Mike,” reflects on his experience with Michael: “He was at my first lunch table … The more I talked to him, the more he seemed like a really cool kid.” 

Liu enjoys all aspects of his experience at school, saying, “I have a lot of friends, and the food is good. The education is actually really good.” He looks forward to participating in Seabury customs with a particular interest in Heritage Day, noting, “I kind of want to do some community service.” 

When it comes to Michael Liu’s contribution to the Seabury community, Karam puts it best: “He has a good sense of humor, and … that’s good for the Seabury community.”