Spotlight: Max Akers


Evan McHenry, Copy

Toting an iconic roller-bag and sporting vibrant socks, Max Akers is a familiar double-masked face in the Seabury halls. But do most students really know the man? 

Akers has been at Seabury since sixth grade, and his older sister, Chloe Akers, graduated in the class of 2019. “Chloe being at Seabury really helped to make it feel more familiar, and more normal,” says Akers, who attended Century School in Downtown Lawrence before coming to Seabury. “My elementary school was private, and I just preferred that environment–it’s more personalized than, say, Lawrence High or Free State.”

Recognizably, Akers enjoys wearing unique-looking socks. “This pair has burritos on it,” he says in an interview, adjusting his pant leg to reveal several burritos indeed adorning his socks. “I have some with sushi; I have Taco Bell socks somewhere, and last Friday I actually went to English without shoes because my socks were so thick.” Apparently, being an idiosyncratic sock connoisseur is not entirely Akers’s doing: “I just get gifted them all the time,” he says. “I do not know why.”

In his free time, Akers enjoys creative writing, as well as playing video games like Tetris and Minecraft. Akers has also been an active volunteer for various organizations, as well as Seabury’s Blood Drive last semester. “That was really fun because I’ve had so much experience volunteering at many different places,” he says. He has also volunteered with 100 Good Women and the Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas. Regarding the latter, he says, “From the summer of my sixth grade year all the way up until the summer before last, I helped run a multi-day conference for self-advocacy for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” 

Donning refreshing foot-coverings, Akers is a valuable volunteer, both at Seabury and in the local community.