Mattea Rasmussen


Sage McHenry, Copy

Bishop Seabury was lucky enough to kick off this year with not one, but two members of the Rasmussen family attending the school. Sixth grader Mattea Rasmussen, younger sister of sophomore Mia Rasmussen, has definitely made her mark in her first semester at Bishop Seabury. Her intelligence and kindness are easily displayed by how she interacts with her teachers and fellow students.

At school, Rasmussen enjoys all of her classes, but one definitely stands out as her favorite. “I like English class a lot. I like the teacher and the activities that we do. They are very fun and creative,” she says. “I really liked NaNoWriMo in particular…I wrote my novel in the fantasy genre.” Though she does not claim to have a favorite book, Rasmussen is currently “enjoying Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, which is a book that [she is] reading in English.”

Along with staying on top of her school work, Rasmussen participates in activities outside of school as well. “I have dance classes…at the Lawrence Arts Center,” she says. “I take both jazz and ballet there.” In her free time Rasmussen enjoys drawing and spending time with her many pets. “I have three dogs and one bunny. Their names are Brenna, Biscuit, Floofy and Butterscotch,” she says. Rasmussen also takes pleasure in listening to music as well as watching movies.“I really like [the singer] Melanie Martinez, and I also like some of the music that my mom and dad play, which is from the 80s,” she says. “A couple of my favorite movies are ‘The 

Goonies’ and ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’”

Her welcoming attitude as well as her interesting abundance of hobbies definitely make Rasumussen a likely friend to anyone. There is no doubt that she has made an excellent addition to the Seabury community.