Weaving Melodies – The Fall Tapestry Concert


Audrey Nguyen-Hoang

Chamber Choir sings at the Fall Tapestry Concert. Check out the full article written by Marie Brockhoff in News!

Friday, October 18th was an evening full of music, because it was the Seabury Fall Tapestry Concert. As usual, it took place at the First United Methodist Church West Campus. Seabury choirs sang a variety of songs, from Voci Sesto’s (Sixth grade choir) performance of the playful “Animal Verses” to the Academy Ensemble’s (Seventh and eighth grade choir) more solemn performance of “Sanctus.” The performance culminated in the Chamber Choir’s (High school choir) performance of “Africa,” by the band Toto, which was a crowd favorite. This concert was a fantastic way to kick off the choir year. The choir will perform at the Lessons and Carols concert on December 13th.