Tornado Transports Knudson to Land of Oz


Marie Brockhoff, Copy

The storm that evaporated faculty member Arnie Knudson’s wifi back in February is back for another battle, as it pummeled the vast plains of North Carolina last Tuesday. Knudson clearly stole the storm’s mother’s aunt’s favorite egg beater or something, because a stray tornado whirled him away to the Land of Oz. 

“I crashed down, and there was the yellow brick road,” he says. “I already knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, but that’s a whole other level.” 

Since his crash landing, Knudson has been oligarchically elected as Wizard in Chief. “Yeah, apparently the last dude floated away in a hot air balloon,” he says, “and I’m a millionaire in (WHAT???) currency. So Emerald City BABYYY!!” 

Knudson feels very much at home. “There’s this scarecrow dude who has no brain, so basically the same as most Seabury Juniors,” he says. “Plus I have a flying monkey army to hunt down people’s homework, how rad is that!” The Great and Powerful Wiz-Knudson continues to teach via Zoom using the whiteboard the tornado conveniently plunked down on top of a Munchkin.